KZN Propshaft & Gearbox

The propshaft manufacturing and gearbox repair industry was dominated by large corporation’s in the South African Industry. With South Africa becoming a democracy in 1994, a need for skilled P.D.I.’s in this industry arose. Being a P.D.I. previously, it was difficult to obtain business from large organization in the transport industry.

With the successful implementation and certification to ISO 9001:2008, we are now able to prove to the World that we manufacture consistently good quality products at good prices. By continuously reinvesting in skills, systems and equipment, we are now in a position to service large fleets of major corporations and parastatels.

To be a major player in the propshaft manufacturing and repairs to gearboxes and differentials. To supply to the OEM’s directly with propshafts and to grow the manufacturing division of the business.

In pursuit of Service Excellence in Quality and Reliability

Our vision is to optimize safety in the transport industry and to minimize down time to our customers.

KZN Gearbox and Propshaft Center is a small enterprise that has been in operation
since 1989.
KZN Gearboxes and Propshaft center currently operates from a fully equipped
workshop in the Pinetown area. All staff are well trained and acquainted with the kind of
work undertaken by the company.
We are currently engaged in the manufacture, repair and supply of propshafts,
gearboxes, Differentials and steering boxes.
For the past 10 years we have been importing, repairing and supplying in South Africa
are the agents of Electro Magnetic Brake Retarders, namely Frenelsa and Telma. We
have retarders available for trucks and busses, ranging from 3 Tons to 45 Tons. We are
the number 1 supplier of retarders to V.W. South Africa and Scania South Africa on the
bus division. specifications.
Through both domestic and international purchasing power, KZN Gearbox and
Propshaft Center’s rates are very competitive and market related. The company
technical skills are constantly upgraded in order to comply with the increasing demands
of the customer and the industry. Other services offered by KZN Gearbox and
Propshaft center always offers a 24 hours standby service along with full maintenance
package on a contractual basis to suit the clients needs.
The aggressive elimination of defects, losses and the optimization of KZN Gearbox and
Propshaft Center’s and long term situation is the responsibility of every employee.
Propshaft Propshaft Propshaft


Our 24hour standby / call out.
We are able to tailor make
comprehensive in-house logistic
packages for our clients.
We are flexible enough to adjust
services and rates to suit our clients
Through both domestic and
international purchasing power.
Competitive and market related rates.
Technical personal are constantly
evaluated and trained within the
service products
ISO 9001: 2008 certification with the
Member of the RMI.
A comprehensive range of tools and
A vast combined industry experience
over the years.
Member & Supplier of Capricorn
Society LTD.
BEE Certificate.
To provide efficient services, goods
and products to all our clients in every
field of our business.
To build open, honest and long term
partnerships with our customers based
on mutual benefits and respect.
Being flexible in order to adapt to the
changing needs of our customers.
To continually improve our equipment,
skills and processes.
To encourage the upliftment and
transfer of skills to previously
disadvantaged individuals.
To be a major player in the propshaft manufacturing and repairing industry.

KZN Gearbox and Propshaft Center are experts at managing and handling all forms of heavy duty repairs. The company is constantly working towards and improved vehicle repair system that will achieve competent productivity and speedy turn around time. Our staff is continuously being trained in industrial procedures and safety issues.
KZN Propshaft & Gearbox