S.A.R.M 8CH Retarder

KZN Propshaft & Gearbox are manufacturers of S.A.R.M 8CH Retarders for Vehicles.

S.A.R.M 8CH Retarder

The Electro Magnetic Brake Retarders are of the highest quality which is manufactured by KZN Propshaft & Gearbox.

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What is an Electric Retarder
The S.A.R.M Electric Retarder is an active security element installed in the drive line of the vehicle. It can be installed attached to the gearbox exit, inserted between the transmission lines or attached to the drive axle.

What it does is to reduce the speed of the vehicle and prevent it from accelerating when not necessary. It is used principally on descents and on stretches of road with pronounced curves.

Use of the S.A.R.M Retarder considerably reduces the use of the service brake, on the flat as well as on the descents, preventing excessive heating and maintaining full efficiency if it should be required as an emergency brake.

The new 8CH-200 retarder has a rated braking torque of 2000Nm. Copper Coils enable a reduction of 48kg in weight and 150W in power consumption; overall dimensions are 28% smaller and rotor inertia is reduced by 30%.

The 8HC Retarder Range provides significant weight savings in a smaller package. The 8CH Range offers an unrivalled combination of driver comfort and confidence. With a full range of electronic control modules available, the S.A.R.M 8CH retarders can be integrated with the many different vehicle systems in use today. It can be used with speed regulation, ABS, EBS et al. to provide an automatic and optimised braking system.

Designed for installation in the driveline, the new 8CH generation of retarders benefits from the latest developments from S.A.R.M (South African Retarder Manufacturers), and excels in terms of price/performance.

In additional to the versatility of factory or retrofit installation, the 8CH retarder features technical specifications which are unrivalled:
High Performance
Low weight, compact dimensions and a universal mounting system that
enables straightforward installation on most types of chassis
Fitted with lubrication points to suit the harsh South African climate
Robust construction with reinforced coil protection
Enhanced corrosion protection, with coils of enameled copper wire,
stainless steel stator and sealed internal wiring
Enhanced reliability with insulated earth return.

S.A.R.M Retarder







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